If books and magazines are very much part of your life, you’d want to make sure you have a dedicated library space to keep them organised! We gathered these unconventional ideas:

This bookshelf with “branches” doubles as a feature wall for this living room!

(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

The use of pipes is a creative way to build a industrial-style bookshelf!

(Interior design by Space Sense)

Build your bookshelf into the frame of your sofa! Compact!

(Interior design by Museum)

The bookshelves follow the slope of the stairs. An efficient use of space!

(Interior design by Los Locos)

Minimise clutter with a hidden bookshelf. Hide the books in your staircase!

(Interior design by Museum)

Why not intergrate your media cabinet and bookshelf? This shelving system also acts as a room divider (look at it from another angle here).

(Interior design by Museum)

Build a bookshelf over the door of your bomb shelter to conceal it. More ideas here.

(Interior design by Sirius Art)

Don’t want to display all your books? Let your favourite ones peek out of the slots!

(Interior design by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd)

Got a loft or high ceiling? Build your bookshelf upwards. Not for the faint-hearted though!

(Interior design by Museum)

This homeowner also made full use of the high ceiling and created a little library space upstairs.

(Interior design by Prozfile)

No ladder is needed to access the books on the higher shelves. The homeowner can access them from the second floor.
(Interior design by Museum)

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