Want to create a cosy bedroom or living room? Neutral hues like ivory, cream, taupe and camel would be some of the go-to colours for walls or a colour scheme. But it doesn’t mean you’re stuck with a dull, sanitised living space. As these hues are muted and understated, they are suitable backdrops that bring out the best of your bright and deep-hued furniture and furnishings. 

Cream and Rustic Brown
The paring of the cream with rustic brown makes for a bolder, more masculine look.


Cream, Lavender and Pebble Grey
Lavender and pebble grey make subtle counterpoints in this neutral scheme. Romo fabric collection from Danovel.


Adding a darker neutral shade, somewhat like the colour of latte, prevents the room from looking too washed out. It adds a glow to the room when the light hits, too!


Cream-coloured Furniture
Cream-coloured furniture can help brighten your space and give a soothing, airy feel. Keep things simple by adding accessories of the same shade. They will add texture and interest while keeping the neutral colour scheme.


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