Not the first choice of many homeowners, grey has a reputation of making a room looking cold, dull and dreary. However, depending on the shade of grey, this unassuming neutral can go from cool and edgy to classy and sophisticated. We show you how to use this versatile colour with confidence!

(Interior design by Space Sense)

A shade like stone or concrete grey can give your space a bold and edgy look when paired with black or dark blues. Perfect for that industrial-chic look!


When used as a base, complement grey with yellow tones for a young, hip look.


Calming grey gets a lift from green and gold accents for a sophisticated, yet chic ambience. Bijoux wallpaper from Goodrich Global.


(Interior design by White Space Living)

Add stone grey to any white palette for a crisp look. 


(Interior design by Exquisite Art Furniture Decoration)

It also lends a refined touch to light-coloured granite or warm wood surfaces.


Grey is said to be the colour around which creative people are most imaginative, so why not try it in your study?