A great way to declutter your home is to ensure that your dirty laundry has its own dwelling place. While it’s easy to dump all your laundry into one basket, there are few tricks when it comes to sorting and organising your laundry. Consider the following:

+Use the laundry basket to collect the laundry of your entire household.
+When the basket is full, and you’re ready to wash the clothes, place all your dirty clothes in a pile on the floor and begin to sort them according to ‘lights’, ‘darks’ and ‘whites’.
+Decide which of the three you would like to wash first (perhaps the largest pile) and put the remaining pile back into the bin in order. In this way, you can ensure that when you take out the next batch of clothes to wash, you won’t need to sort them again.

+ If you prefer a more systematic approach, or if you’re got a large family, it’s best to get more than one laundry basket.
+Have one basked dedicated for dark colours, another for light, and another for white (you may combine ‘lights’ with ‘white’ if you wish).
+Ensure that the labelling is clear so your family members know which basket they should put their clothes into.

So now you have an idea on how to sort and organise your laundry, pick out a stylish laundry basket to include in your washing area!

Spear basket (40 x 60cm) from The Design Store by Lifestorey.

Washy baskets from Galanga Living.

Brabantia laundry bag from all Robinsons stores.

Laundry trolley from Howards Storage World.

Leather baskets both from Xtra.

Laundry baskets from Howards Storage World.

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