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Design: Homme Space

There are more avenues to collect art now, and more affordably as well! Art fairs and exhibtions, which bring together offerings from various galleries, are now increasing in number. We are just glad we no longer have to brave the chilly, intimidating ambience of most galleries, and appreciate art in a more casual and social setting. Alan Koh, the director of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore, shares his tips on how one should approach art. 


1. Find a piece that catches your eye and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The answers can change your perspective of the artwork, in a good way. Learning about how to take care of the art piece is important, too, such as hanging it in the right place away from direct heat, humidity control and conservation, and which frames to use.

2. You will want a piece that fits your budget, and the clear labelling of prices at the fair means you will know what you can afford. A red-dot sticker on the label generally means that the piece has been sold. Sometimes, you may see a few red dots and those represent how many of the limited-edition pieces have been sold.

3. Do not take photos of the art without asking for permission first. But, generally, the galleries are fine with photos of the artwork being taken, especially if that helps you to make better informed decisions.