Formica Showroom

Clad in Formica’s large-format woodgrain laminate, this kitchen countertop could almost be mistaken for real wood.

Laminates can be used for more than kitchen cabinets! If you can’t imagine how so, laminates specialist, Formica, demonstrate this in their showroom!

The 1,000sqf concept showroom has been designed to resemble an actual home – complete with living space, kitchen, bedroom and bar area. However, the materials that you see in the showroom are not actual wood, leather or granite. Yes, there’s more to it than meets the eye, they are actually lookalike laminates from Formica!

Instead of referring to sample chips, these “real-life” settings show how laminates can be used in creative, and yet practical ways. Some examples include the use of Plex, the new metal mesh texture, used for the feature wall behind the sofa, and a 2mm-thick Gloss Compact Grade laminate used on the kitchen cabinets, demonstrating how you can achieve a completely flat glossy laminate surface without any warping. More out-of-the-box applications also include the wood-lookalike vinyl flooring on the walls!

Formica is at 502 Sims Avenue, tel: 6514-1313.