There is so much character and life in vintage and secondhand furniture. Just by looking at the piece, you can tell when it was produced, who made it, and how it was used. Even if you're not a fan of the "vintage look", picking up pre-loved or refurbished pieces counts for minimising waste! We share how other homeowners have used vintage furniture in their modern home environment…

(Design: Space Sense)

Who says everything needs to match? Here's a gathering of contemporary and vintage pieces for an eclectic look.

(Design: Juxtapose)

A fresh coat of paint does wonders to old furniture! Despite its oriental look, this dining set looks modern thanks to its sunny yellow hue.


(Design: Museum Homes)

A mixure of old and new, this sideboard compliments the sleek black shelving above it perfectly.

(Design: Three-D Conceptwerke)

This bohemian-inspired screen adds a sense of charm and heritage to this modern living room.

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