You don't need a spare room in your flat to have space for your hobbies! Just by moving things around and some creative planning, you can turn any space into a multi-purpose one. Here are some ideas of how homeowners have integrated their passions and hobbies into the decor of their home!

This study doubles as a hobby room which houses art books, magazines and collectible toys of the homeowners.
(Interior design by Prozfile)

This owner could make room for his printmaking materials too.

(Interior design by Prozfile)

An open-concept home gave this homeowner the freedom to include an art studio in her living room.

(Interior design by Lekker Design)


The homeowners decided to create a cat enclosure in her HDB terrace house for her eight cats! 
Consider how you can replace a wall with glass panels in the yard of your flat to achieve something similar!

(Interior design by Sponge)

A cat ladder in the kitchen? Why not?

(Interior design by Sponge)

Make use of your balcony to showcase your fishes!

(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)


Another double-duty space, this dining room can be transformed into a board games den once the table gets extended!

(Interior design by Prozfile)

The homeowner didn't want the corridor space to go to waste, hence a sofa was built by the bay window
and now the family can play console games here.

(Interior design by Terre)


A custom-built shelf along the window transforms this guest room into a properly-equipped DJ-mixing studio, with shelves storing records and CDs, and a surface measured to fit mixers.

(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

Tucked behind the walk-in wardrobe is a private space for the homeowner to play the piano.

(Interior design by Vegas Design)