You hear the word Scandinavian style being used a lot, but what does it really mean? The style has a lot to do with the culture and lifestyle of the region (which includes Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and Finland). By knowing what Scandinavian style is all about, you can easily translate it into your home! 


1. Traditional craftsmanship 

The Scandinavians have strong traditions in craft; and they have kept traditional methods of producing furniture to this day. Many Danish furniture designers has had roots in cabinet-making! You can see this in furniture such as the Hans Wegner Wishbone chair (pictured below), which had a woven paper cord seat when it was first introduced in 1949, and still retains a similar techniques of weaving the seat today.


2. Good with Wood 

As wood is a material in plentiful supply in the region, Scandinavian furniture is mostly made from wood. And designers such as Alvar Aalto (known as the father of bentwood furniture) and Hans Wegner, pushed the boundaries of using this material. 

Picture: Noden 


3. Green Cause 

Living with nature and being outdoors play a big part in the lives of Scandinavians, and ingrains in them a deep respect and awareness of nature. Before it was cool to be eco-friendly, Scandinavian companies were already adopting green manufacturing practices. So if you buy furniture from a Scandinavian brand, most likely the company would have made sure how it’s made and the materials it is made of has as little impact on the environment as possible (which might add to the cost as well, but all for a good cause!).

4. Light & Bright 

Why are Scandinavian interiors always light and bright? That’s because Scandinavian countries have long winters with few sunlight hours. White walls and lgiht-coloured floors, crisp cotton or comfortably worn linen in light colours, and blond wood, are cornerstones of the Scandinavian home.



5. Perk up Ordinary Life 

Scandinavian designers have a knack of making utilitarian designs, such as mundane household items, stylish. Pehaps it’s because when you’re indoors during the many winter months , you’d want to be surrounded by things that look good. They also strongly believe that design is for everyone, not just the elite.

Normann Cophenhagen Craft Mills

6. Less is more 

Though a cliche, this term best describes the Scandinavian style. The style’s simple and clean aesthetics is always based on function, and do not shout for decoration sake. 

7. It’s for Life 

Good design transcends time and trends. Poul Henningsen’s Artichoke (below) and PH5 lamps from the 1950s are still best-sellers today, and look thoroughly modern. Such is the enduring and timeless nature of Scandinavian design.