With the large amount of money you’ll be spending on your home, your designer should be someone you can trust, so don’t be afraid to shop around for a good one! To help narrow your search, we have a checklist of seven things your interior designer should provide you before you sign anything.

Remember, plenty of research should be done before you settle on a designer!

  1. Did he give you a preview of what he can do for you before asking for a deposit?
    If a designer asks you to pay a deposit BEFORE they can do any work, move on! It’s common practice for designers to show potential clients some drawings or ideas before asking for a deposit. Why pay first when you don’t even know what your designer can do for you right?

    Most designers work on a simple 2D drawing of your existing layout before giving you a rough quotation based on the drawings.
  2. Does he have a portfolio of homes he’s done before?
    A healthy portfolio of well-photographed projects gives you an example of your interior designer’s style. It’s also a plus point if the photographs were professionally taken because that means your designer is willing to invest in his own work.
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    Or you could always pop by our listing of interior designer portfolios for a fuss-free overview!
  3. Does he have samples of some of the materials they use in homes?
    He’s promised you the best quality of materials, but has he shown the materials to you? Make sure it’s not all hot air when it comes to promises of quality! Do research on your own and find out what brands of materials they use. Perhaps laminates from Lamitak? *cough product placement cough * Ask to look and feel the materials. Always be 100% sure of the products your designer uses!
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  4. Does your designer have a good reputation on the forums?
    Don’t forget, the internet is the best and biggest gossip mill out there. If your designer has caused a problem before, it’s bound to pop up on the internet at some point! Check renovation forums to ensure that there won’t be any unforeseen problems! A little due diligence never hurt anybody.
  5. Did he give you a fair quotation?
    Remember what we said about shopping around? It’s important to do so to keep an eye out on the average costs of your renovation. Look for a fair price based on the average you’ve seen from other designers, and be wary of designers who promise the “lowest prices in the market”. These hard sel” designers could be cutting costs by giving you low-quality materials! Our advice: never compromise quality for a cheaper price.
  6. Is everything on black and white?
    Verbal promises are not enough. Make sure whatever your designer promises you is recorded on your contract. We’ve seen plenty of cases of designers who over promise and under deliver. To prevent that from happening, go to designers who are willing to keep everything on paper!