These non-permanent solutions allow you to zone your home, and yet maintain a open-concept space that’s neat and easy to navigate:

Open-backed bookcases help differentiate each space from the other, while helping to maintain a sense of airiness in the home. Check out these unconventional home library ideas here.

This open-back bookcase doesn’t block out light from the living room.
(Interior design by Design Channel)

Low consoles are unobstusive space dividers that double up as extra storage for items like shoes, books, and even cutlery.
A slim console subtly separates the kitchen from the living room.
(Interior design by Design Intervention)

Decorative screens are a surefire way to zone your home. This one on wheels give you the flexibility of moving it around should you need a larger space.

Take a leaf from this homeowner who used this pin-up board to display various memorabilia and knick-knacks!
(Interior design by Exquisite Art Furniture Decoration)

Rugs or carpets visually mark out and accentuate an area of the home. Pick out one with texture and a contrasting colour (to your floor).
Learn more about decorating with rugs here.

The circular shape rug visually enlarges this living room!
(Interior design by Artistroom)

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