Whip up a meal quickly with these easy kitchen hacks! We'll teach you how to prepare, cook and preserve food with these ten tips. You can thank us by subscribing to our magazine here. *winks*

1)   Make whipped cream in a glass bottle / mason jar

(Image: Community Table)

  • Make sure you have a glass jar or bottle with a lid. 
  • Freeze it for 10 – 15 mins with the lid on.
  • Prepare 1 cup heavy cream, 1-2tbs sugar and 1tsp of vanilla extract. 
  • Dump all the ingredients into the cold jar, close it tight and shake!
  • You'll know when your whipped cream is ready when the initially sloshing sounds change. Or you could always open the top and check its consistency. 
  • Chuck the jar into the fridge to chill it!

2)   Cut grapes / cherry tomatoes with two plates

(Image: Kazys Kitchen)
Place your cherry tomatoes or grapes inbetween two flat plates
Just slide your knife right through!
Perfectly halved fruits.

3)   Use a bottle to separate egg whites from yolks


  • Crack your eggs into a dish
  • Pick out a soft, clear plastic bottle. (Those disposable ones work best)
  • Squeeze the bottle, place it gently against the egg yolk and release the bottle.
  • That motion should suction the egg yolk from the whites and pull the yolk away!

4)   Freeze and preserve fresh herbs in olive oil


  • Chop up your herbs into pieces small enough to fit into ice cube trays
  • Stuff them into the tray
  • Cover it in olive oil and you'll have perfectly preserved herbs ready for your next dish!

5)   Peel tomatoes the easy way


  • Place your tomatoes on a baking tray
  • Bake them for 5 minutes in a 260 deg cel oven
  • The high-heat and short time will cause the skins to wrinkle while minimally cooking your tomatoes.
  • The tomatoes slide right out of the wrinkled skins!

6)   Vacuum seal your food without using a machine 

(Image: Lifehacker)

  • Put your meat into a ziplock bag.
  • Place your bag of meat in a big tub of water while keeping the plastic bag’s opening out of the water.
  • The water’s pressure will push out the air and leave you with vacuum food.
  • Seal the top and you’re done! Your food will last longer in the fridge, and you can sous-vide your food too!

7)   Fastest way to make onion/potato fans 


  • Place your food item inbetween a pair of chopsticks
  • Cut through your food item.
  • The chopsticks act as a barrier to help prevent your knife from cutting all the way through!

8)   Peel ginger quicker

(Image: Fine Cooking)
Instead of using a peeler, you can just use a spoon to remove the skin. by using a spoon (not a peeler!) to remove the skin!

9)   Make poach eggs easily


  • You need eggs, a muffin tray and some water.
  • Pour a tablespoon of water into each muffin casing.
  • Crack your egg into each casing.
  • Bake for 180 deg cel for 8-10 minutes>
  • Perfectly poached eggs!

10) Cut soft cheese, dough and level cakes quick!

(Image: Texan Erin)
Just use dental floss instead of a knife.