Tiger – 1914, 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010


Note: Tiger is one of the four Zodiac Signs that is in conflict against the Grand Duke Jupiter (also known as Tai Sui).



The Pig may seek to help the Tiger, but the Tiger prefers to work alone to tackle their own obstacles in their way. You may find that benefactors and colleagues may suddenly wish to support you, but you must be cautious, as the Tiger can be prone to conflict if not careful in choosing who they work with. Learn to recognise people who are already accomplished, and do not take anything at face value. This year does not promise any sudden major changes to career but it has the potential for the Tiger to achieve many small goals that will lead to something fruitful and rewarding. Choosing the right people to work with is integral to this.


The year of the Pig promises increased social gatherings and opportunities to socialise for many signs. It will be easy to build your circle of friends as you exude an image of generosity and friendliness. However, you have mixed luck in love this year. Single Tigers may find that they need more time to come back from rejections. Attached Tigers will need to learn to be more sensitive in their relationships as conflicts and misunderstandings are more likely this year. It is advised to avoid making any major changes. Instead, take your time to get in touch with your more emotional side. Learn to be more forgiving and tolerant of your partner and family.


The Tiger’s health is dependent on how timely you schedule regular check-ups and spot possible symptoms of illnesses. This is a good time to pay attention to your health and wellness as nothing major is coming your way. You must focus on getting more Vitamin D and plenty of fresh air. Enjoy this time and take on activities that allow you to stay outside, such as hiking, gardening or jogging. However, you need to avoid being reckless just because you are in a prosperous period. Avoid over-exhausting yourself and remember to remain hydrated. You may find yourself being more careless so be cautious about your activities and travels this year. Try to avoid sitting for too long.


The Tiger’s decisions play a big part in their wealth this year. There is a chance that you will face losses this year if you are not careful with your investments. It is likely that your finances will fluctuate heavily this year. However, your gains will be as prosperous as your losses. You will need to keep a close eye on your finances and consider employing strict budgeting measures. You must maintain a sense of discipline and diligence when it comes to your finances this year. Avoid gambling or investments that are deemed too risky. You may be able to make up your losses through gains in your career.

Auspicious Months: June, October, November

Cautious Months: August

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