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From oven tripping to oven not starting up, having a faulty oven is definitely very frustrating. Here are the 3 most common oven problems that households face:


1. Over-heating

When the oven is over-heating, there is only one obvious cause for it; the oven thermostat is not functioning. The oven thermostat is supposed to regulate and control the temperature of the oven to make sure it is the same as the pre-set value. If the oven is over-heating, the thermostat fails to cut off the current supply to the heating elements.

Another component that may be faulty when an oven overheats is the thermal fuse. As mentioned earlier, the thermal fuse is meant as a safety device to cut off any current if the temperature of the oven reaches too high. If your oven has over-heated, there may be a possibility that the next time you switch on the oven, it might not work and this is due to the lack of power supply due to the faulty thermal fuse.

(Photo: Pexels)

2. Not starting up

The high current drawn by the oven may cause the wire connections to melt and become loose. As such, there will not be any power supplied to the oven.

The thermal fuse might also be a cause of the oven having no power. When the thermal fuse is ‘activated’, it breaks the power supplied to the main control panel of the oven and as a result, no power is supplied to the oven.

If your oven is an electronic oven, another possible cause may be due to the failure of the oven printed circuit boards (PCB). A faulty PCB will result in the oven having no signs of power. In most cases, the internal light of the oven will not light up as well.


3. It trips

Oven tripping is the most common problem for ovens in Singapore. When the oven trips, there are only 2 likely causes — an earth leakage or a component has short-circuited in the oven.

Earth leakage is very common due to the humid weather in Singapore. Lack of usage will result in too much moisture being built up in the heating elements which results in an earth leakage, thus tripping the house circuit breaker. This may be prevented by turning on the oven at least once a week for the oven to heat up.

A component short circuit in the oven may be caused by failure of the component or the presence of pests such as lizards. When there is a direct short circuit in an oven, the Main Circuit Breaker (MCB) will trip and depending on the magnitude of the short circuit, it might trip the circuit breaker for the entire building.

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