european bedding, mattress

Did you know that the source of your neck, back and body aches could be related to the mattress you are using?

According to sleep experts, not only does an average adult spend up to a third of his life in bed, but each person’s body type also requires a specific level of support. Home-grown bedding specialist European Bedding understands that not all beds are made equal. The brand caters to the growing demand for a sleeping system that offers ample back support and comfort. Here are five tips to keep in mind when looking for a mattress that is right for you.

european bedding, mattress

1. Go natural

When shopping for a mattress, it’s essential to find out what material it’s made of. Bear in mind that you may be in close contact with the material for as long as eight hours every day, so always insist on natural materials instead of synthetic ones or mattresses made using glue or chemicals. European Bedding specialises in high-quality latex mattresses and pillows, which are fully natural. The Heveya Range, in particular, is one of its best-selling mattress ranges that’s made from 100-per-cent natural organic latex. The price of a king-size, full natural organic latex mattress is $3,988, making it an affordable and worthwhile option. 

2. Ensure it supports you

The right mattress should provide ample support for your back and respond to each section of the curvature of the spine. The mattresses from European Bedding are designed to ensure natural spinal alignment while you sleep. There are seven specific support zones in this latex mattress to provide just the right amount of support for your back and to contour your shoulders.

european bedding, mattress

3. Size it up

Before buying a mattress, lay down on it to make sure that it fits your body size. For tall people, the Singapore mattress length of 190cm is actually not long enough for a comfortable sleep. Moreover, if you sleep with a partner, opt for a King size mattress for a less disturbed sleep. For the discerning homeowner, European Bedding also offers custom mattress sizes.

4. Adjust the density

Aside from back support, a good mattress should also provide the right comfort. Each individual has a different body size and preferences and therefore requires a different mattress firmness for that good night’s sleep. For couples sharing a bed, it is recommended to combine mattresses of different densities (firm, medium, or soft) in one king-size bed. This ensures that each individual enjoys his or her preferred firmness for the best rest. 

european bedding, mattress

5. Test it at home

It’s difficult to decide on a mattress just in the store, so European Bedding offers a free trial of 100 nights, to test the mattress’ density. This way, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t end up with the wrong choice. Any changes in density (firm, medium, or soft) can be made within 100 days at no extra cost.

European Bedding is also offering two free latex pillows (worth $336) with any purchase of a mattress in the month of September. Visit to find out more.