We know that a stable internet connection is crucial when it comes to online gaming, but did you know that having a strong connection and a fast download speed is just as important for homeowners too? If you’re interested to get your home hooked up to the latest range of smart devices, such as home assistants, a central digital library, digital television and audio players, here are five things to think about when you’re looking for the right service provider.

1: Establish a good Wi-Fi network

If the sight of messy wires irritate you, then you need to establish a good Wi-Fi network by using a Wi-Fi mesh. What a Wi-Fi mesh does is to create a seamless wireless local area network within your home, allowing you to connect your smart devices, such as the digital television, smart door locks, sound system and even the air purifier and fridge, to the internet and your mobile phone, without the use of a local area network (LAN) cable. All you need to do is plug your smart devices into the power socket to access your Wi-Fi network to get going. 

2: Work From Home With Ease

Managing a household is a challenge when you have to juggle work and family at the same time. With a reliable broadband connection, you can optimise your time by clearing work and emails from home when necessary. A fast download speed also means you can send files and download documents quickly, cutting down on your waiting time. Service provider MyRepublic offers some of the most attractive internet broadband packages available in Singapore. Homeowners can make a smarter choice with MyRepublic’s ultra-fast fibre broadband. 

3: Home Monitoring Made Easy

With a sound connection and a smart surveillance camera, you can also check in on what’s happening around your home any time of the day, wherever you may be. Aside from ensuring the security of your home around the clock, this is also an especially useful tool for homes with pets, young children and the elderly, who may be otherwise left unsupervised. The ASUS Open/Close sensor is another handy device, which alerts you when doors and windows are opened. In addition, consider using an effective digital lock for the main door of your home, such as the ASUS Smart Door Lock (DL101). When paired with the ASUS SmartHome Gateway, the smart door lock will alert the homeowner via a phone message and trigger a siren when it is tampered with. Powered by MyRepublic’s Ultra-Fast, Ultra-Stable 1Gbps fibre broadband connection and the MyRepublic Wi-Fi Hub router, you can protect your home in a secure and reliable way. 

4: Savings On Electricity

With the recent hike in electrical bills, homeowners need to keep close watch over how they are using their electricity. A digital switch, such as the ASUS Smart Plug, helps keep tabs on your electricity consumption on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Busy executives and working parents can also control the switch remotely with their mobile device, allowing them to turn on their home appliances and activate smart home devices in a convenient and easy manner.   

5: Entertainment for the family and stay connected to your favourite TV series

Having an internet connection allows you to surf the net for your favourite movies and series on Netflix or Youtube channels. But a poor connection is a definite killjoy because it results in lagging speeds when streaming so whether you are a film-addict or just hoping to catch the latest series that everyone’s talking about, it pays to invest in a good connection. Consider a reliable service provider like MyRepublic, which is the No.1 fibre broadband for Netflix speeds in SingaporeClick here to find a suitable package for your own home needs. 

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