Everybody knows that light is the key element to any home. These 6 designs are great inspiration on how to bring sunlight into the home, effortlessly.

living room, bright spaces, textures, colours, bright
Design: Substance Living

1. A Mix of Textures

This living room’s neutral palette is brightened with pops of colour from the furniture pieces.


home decor, bright, bedroom, industrial, beams, bulb
Design: Space Sense

2. All in White

This light bedroom is bathed natural light, with woody components that pairs well with the bare cage lamps, industrial crates for bedside tables, and metal-piping of the bed frame.


home decor, light, bright, brick walls, living room, colourful
Design: Space Matters

3. Pops of Colour

A quick look around this living room and you’ll have no problem spotting the bright spots of colour all around the space. Natural light is also aplenty with the ceiling-high windows.


light bright, living room, simple, minimalist, interior design, scandinavian
Design: JQ Association

4. Blank Space

Empty isn’t necessarily bad, as this bright home demonstrates. The home is more or less uncluttered, effectively showcasing the bare beauty of the white walls.


understated, minimalist, masculine, bright, light, living room, monochrome
Design: Habit LLP

5. Made Masculine

Monochrome is the name of the game with this living room. Black outlines the living room, while subtle accents of colour from the sofa, shelves and rug.


bright, butter, sofar, living room, interior design, natural light
Design: Design Intervention

6. Buttered Up

This living space is styled around the cream-coloured leather sofa, complemented with green highlights.