You windows make up a big part of your home, though it's not talked about often. Choose the material wisely, or it may have an adverse effect on your living space. Here are the three main types of materials used to make windows: wood, aluminium and PVC-U. 

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Photo: Grafunkt

Timber windows can give a house an elegant ambience of a colonial plantation home, and has the benefit of being easily stained or painted to suit various ccolour schemes.
However, wooden windows are no longer a popular choice. In Singapore, the humid tropical weather makes it difficult to maintain timber windows. Some common problems include wood rot, warping frames and possible termite attacks.

Powder coated aluminium windows are the most common type of window in Singapore. A staple for all Housing Board flats, lightweight aluminium windows are more durable than wood. They do not warp or rot through the years and are easier to maintain. On the downside, aluminium is a good conductor of heat. With aluminium windows, heat from the outside is easily transferred into the building.

Otherwise known as unplasticised polyvinyl chloride, this sturdy material is one of the most effective in window construction. A good insulator, impact resistant and rust proof, PVC-U windows can withstand Singapore’s tropical weather conditions for a span of 10-20 years.