How to keep as much storage as possible in the least amount of space – that is one of the most headache-inducing problems of space-starved homeowners embarking on their renovation process. We address your storage nightmares and tell you how to hide those storage areas discreetly away!

Problem 1: I want many storage compartments, but I don't want them to be seen.

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Solution: There are no limits to the ways you can conceal built-in cupboards or nooks. Use decorative panels for floor-to-ceiling storage compartments so they can look like a feature wall. Alternatively, wallpapers with linear design elements can hide the outlines of cupboard doors and drawers. 

Problem 2: Besides getting a bed base with storage underneath, how else can I stow away items so they are easy to retrieve?

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Solution: Rather than conventional floor-to-ceiling cabinets, go horizontal instead. Raise the entire floor by building in a storage platform to keep bulky cumbersome items such as luggage out of sight. Better suited for homes with higher ceilings, this idea creates a playful and cosy look as well. 

Problem 3: I don't have a big bedroom space, so how can I create a walk-in wardrobe?

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Solution: Many fashionistas dream of devoting an entire bedroom to the display of their clothes, bags, shoes and accessories. But if you can afford only to carve out a section of your room for a wardrobe, you can still replicate a walk-in wardrobe feel by zoning off a semi-private alcove or by setting up an open wardrobe system (conceal it with curtains if you are not blessed with a neat gene). 

Problem 4: How can I buid storage space for items where I need them?

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Solution: An upside to engaging an interior designer or contractor is that they can design unique furniture pieces that incorporate storage. For example, a simple drawer under the dining table allows you to reach for condiments effortlessly, having a bookshelf within the sofa frame creates a conducive reading environment, and creating storage compartments underneath the bed lets you do away with side tables. 

Problem 5: I need shelves, but how do I make them take up as little space as possible?

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Solution: Shelves can be used to divide spaces. So, where possible, you can do away with walls and replace them with a full-height shelf instead. This way, you can display items, too!