Philips Hue, lighting, home automation
Photo: Philips Hue

Since we already run most 
of our life using smartphones,
 we should be able to control our home environments through them, too, right? But such control is possible only with devices that have an infrared connection, such as TV sets, hi-fi systems, gaming consoles, DVD players and so on (in other words, gadgets that can already be controlled remotely).

There are apps you can download, which can turn your smartphone into a universal remote controller; some work through your home’s Wi-Fi network, so you can control your Wi-Fi-enabled devices, too. LG has recently launched its Quick Remote app (only for LG phones), which works with products from various manufacturers.

Product-specific apps for home entertainment products, such as TV sets and hi-fi systems are also becoming more commonplace, making
 the physical remote control
a thing of the past. For lighting, Philips has developed the Hue lighting system, which can be programmed using an app on your phone to control up to 50 of its Hue LED bulbs.

You can also install a professional home automation system, which comes with its own proprietary app to control selected features, such as your lighting, music, and security.