Dining table and chairs set with the ikat print

Want a new look for Hari Raya Aidilfitri, but don’t want to change too many things in the house? You’re not alone.

This Hari Raya season, take some time for yourself, for prayer, then allocate some time for the house. You may want to declutter your house, organise your belongings in neat storage boxes, and be mindful about what you keep, what you can donate, and what you can gift to others as a blessing.

After all, cleaning is a mindset. This Ramadan may be the best time of the year for you to start re-evaluating your things, environment, and life.

When you’re done cleaning up, consider decorating your house for cosy gatherings.

Remember, do not spiral into the unnecessary financial pressures of any festive season. A $1,000 luxury carpet will not make family reunions any more meaningful. A harmonious, blessed house is all that matters.

Here are four easy ways to achieve a budget-friendly, nature-inspired interior design look this Raya.


Soft, Woven Materials

Choose soft furnishing products made of natural and handwoven materials, such as linen table runners and jute rugs. And really, you don’t need to shell out hundreds on a luxury carpet or rug.

Pictured here is a cheery rainbow-coloured IKEA Tilst Rug. You will find a newer iteration of this same rug in warmer brown called the IKEA Raklev Rug ($49.90). It measures 160cm long x 70cm wide, fitting for a bedside table nook or for the entryway.

Zezo rattan sofa from Galanga Living
Hari Raya Decoration Ideas: 5 Easy nature-inspired decor items

Rattan & Wood Furniture

Whether you’re replacing some furniture or buying extra accessories such as stools and side tables to seat all the guests and extended family members, opt for those homeware in wood or rattan for a cosier and more relaxed atmosphere.

HipVan Alana Jute Pouf Tall $49 Side Profile
HipVan Alana Jute Pouf Tall $49

Some affordable rattan stools and jute poufs we found include the HipVan Alana Jute Pouf ($49) that measures 45cm in height and 3.2kg in weight. It’s a pretty versatile stool, side table, ottoman or footstool, or even a scratch tower for your feline friend.

Robinsons KKPL Lina Rattan Stackable Plastic Stool $69
Robinsons KKPL Lina Rattan Stackable Plastic Stool $69

This KKPL Lina Rattan Stool from Robinsons ($69) comes in a beautiful colonial resort-inspired black and white theme and rounded legs. The best part about this? It’s stackable! And it’s actually plastic – so you can hose it down with soap and water once the visiting is over and stow it away in your store room.

If your house (and personality) is brightly coloured, opt for these candy-coloured rattan stools ($31) from Lazada that are stackable as well.

Place small potted plants in your bathroom to enliven the space.

Flowers & Potted Plants

To enliven the space, accessorize lightly with flowers and potted plants, big (pictured left) or small (pictured right). Don’t forget to place some in the bathroom and kitchen, if space permits.

If you’ve got green thumbs, you can get pretty cheap potted plants from plant nurseries, or even from plant lovers on Carousell. Chances are, many of these plants will come in boring brown pots and you will need to repot them into nicer ceramic pots yourself.

Mini Snake Plant Laurentii in a cream Lulu sloth ceramic pot from Rooted for $36
Mini Snake Plant Laurentii in a cream Lulu sloth ceramic pot from Rooted, $36

Can’t be fussed to repot your plants? Try buying them from online plant boutique shops such as Rooted and TumbleWeed. Most of their plants come in cute and artistic ceramic pots – saving you the time of shopping for a pot and repotting the plant.

Dining table and chairs set with the ikat print

Ikat Prints

Of course, if it’s Raya it’s almost a must to include traditional ikat printed textiles for an authentic, festive touch!

According to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, the “ikat” is an Indonesian word referring to textiles made of a masterful textile technique called “tied-yarn dye-resist”. This very colouring technique creates patterns by first tying the fabric in such a way that parts of the fabric remain white and uncoloured when dipped into dye. It was a popular technique across Central Asia in the 1800s.

In Indonesian culture, the woven ikat represents the intricate weave of a person’s life from cradle to death. The Ikat was later popularized in Western history when the Dutch started taking to Indonesia’s textile history and traditions in the early 1900s.

Ikat Cushion in orange and pink linen from Etsy ($16 - $20)
Ikat Cushion in orange and pink linen from Etsy

There are so many ikat patterned cushion covers, upholstery fabrics, and textiles available by independent artisans online, such as this Ikat Cushion Cover in orange and pink linen from Etsy ($16 to $19).

The Honest Company baby wet wipes in Blue Ikat prints $75
The Honest Company baby wet wipes in Blue Ikat print, $75

For those who prefer a low-touch of Ikat, try getting Ikat printed homeware and everyday accessories such as this Blue Ikat printed wet wipes ($75 for a carton) from The Honest Company instead. It’s plant-based and made with no alcohol or fragrances, making them suitable for babies too.