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Design: Design Intervention

Open-concept spaces are double-edged swords. On the one hand, they look good, as they make spaces look larger and brighter. They also facilitate communication between people in different parts of the home. But aside from physically moving to another room, you can hardly enjoy quiet or “me” time in a shared open space.

If you mean having the flexibility of closing off a kitchen space or an adjoining bedroom, a simple solution would be
to install folding or pocket doors, which can open up and close off rooms.

When physical partitions are not feasible because of space constraints, the easiest way to enjoy privacy might just be to cocoon yourself within a wing chair. These armchairs have
a high back and “ears” on the sides to block out peripheral vision and noise. Some sofas also come with high backs and sides so you can physically
 cut yourself off from your surroundings while seated.