Herringbone-patterned parquet

Solid wood or parquet flooring has long been a firm favourite among Singaporean homeowners.

A beautifully laid parquet floor enhances the overall look of a room and exudes a classic and timeless feel. However, did you know that the choice of wood can affect how your floor looks as well?

According to wood specialist Ask Teak, flooring laid with Burmese teak offers many benefits and should be the solid wood of choice for homeowners.

Characterised by its naturally golden grains that give it its signature dark gold hue and hardy nature, Burmese teak also weathers well in Singapore’s natural climate.

Here are 5 little known advantages of using Burmese teak from Ask Teak.

Choose an array of patterned designs for intimate spaces

For intimate spaces, such as bedrooms or the study, Ask Teak’s modestly-sized parquet formats that are easy to apply in confined spaces would work perfectly.

Homeowners who want to splash out on trendy patterned flooring designs like the basket weave, chevron or herringbone will be delighted by the varying parquet dimensions available for them to do so.

Achieve seamless flooring in large homes and interior spaces

Tongue & Groove format floors

One of the challenges of installing flooring over large areas, such as the living room or a large dining area, is ensuring that it is evenly laid out and seamless throughout.

Ask Teak’s Tongue & Groove (T&G) flooring is ideal for these design challenges.

Referring to the protruding convex wedge (the Tongue) on one piece of wood that fits snugly into the concave slot (the Groove) of another, this locking in T&G flooring ensures that every piece of wood is bolted evenly in place so you can enjoy perfectly level floors.

Using precision-cut flooring sizes, 300-850mm for shorter lengths and up to 1,650mm for longer ones, its T&G system allows each piece to be fitted edge to edge, and therefore joined in a level and seamless manner across the entire floor.

Transitional spaces are not overlooked



Another area in the home where homeowners can maximise the feel and contact with Burmese teak would be the stairs.

An area that experiences heavy footfall, the golden brown hardwood will give this frequently overlooked transitional space a soothing ambience and cool tactile feel as users move up and down.

Available under their supplementary flooring category, Ask Teak provides Burmese teak products for the staircase, stair riser and skirting.

Create an instant rustic vibe in the patio

Tile decking

Create a restful corner of the rustic outdoors in your patio instantly with wood tile decking.

Moisture-resistant, highly durable and easy to install, homeowners who love getting their hands dirty with DIY projects will appreciate how convenient it is to install Ask Teak’s tile decking in their patios or balconies.

Its easy maintenance is an added bonus as well.

Burmese teak is also perfect for damp areas

Anti-slip decking

Prevent slips and falls around damp areas with anti-slip decking.

Featuring grooves on the surface that provide extra grip underfoot, Ask Teak’s anti-slip decking make it suitable both indoors in bathrooms and outdoors on swimming pool decks and garden landscapes.

Households with the elderly and children will want to consider this flooring option as a safety feature around dangerous zones in the home.

For enquiries about their products, visit their showroom at #01-20 Proxima @ Gambas. Brought to you by Ask Teak.