Do you gravitate towards eclectic-style home accessories, textured natural materials and colourful soft furnishings?

If you do, then achieving the Bohemian-chic interior design style is an easy feat because you’ll have all the items required to get the look!

Lovers of this style tend to gravitate towards accessories made of natural materials, like rattan woven baskets, jute rugs and other textured and patterned furnishings like cushions and throws.

Tip 1: Start with an accent piece in the home

Begin with a coloured sofa, and work around it. With it as an accent piece in the space, you can then match accessories to complement the colour.

Tip 2: Add accessories to spruce up the space

Play around with art works, plants, throws and trays to decorate a sideboard of coffee table in the living room space. 

Tip 3: Tie the look together with cushions in a variety of colours and patterns.

Cushions in a variety of colours and patterns can help tie the look together with other accessories of similar hues or shapes.