For most pet parents, having to constantly remove dog or cat hair from the furniture is a real pain. It’s on the cushions, sofa, clothes — and vacuuming doesn’t always get rid of it. Here are three ways you can efficiently remove pet hair without having to vacuum or use a lint roller.

Use damp rubber gloves.

Pet hair clings to furniture mostly because of static. The more textured the fabric is (like velvet or corduroy), the more hair is going to cling to it. To get the hair out, don a pair of rubber gloves, run them under the tap, then run the damp gloves over the surface. The combination of the texture on the gloves and the static created will help to pull the hair away from the fabric and onto the gloves.

Dry first, then wash.

When washing cushion covers and other bedding, put them into the dryer first for a while on a short cycle. The pet hair will be loosened and pulled into the filter.

Use a pumice stone.

Pumice stones aren’t just good for your feet — their rough texture makes them ideal for removing hair, too. Scraping a pumice stone over hair-matted fabric will help to loosen the hair, so you can then go in with a rubber glove or vacuum. Keeping one or two handy in the car will help you remove hair from clothes, too!