Neutrals are often seen as dull or boring, but they can make your home look modern and sophisitcated, when used the right way!

Here are three tips and tricks on using neutral colours effectively.


Image: Dulux

Layer to create interest

Blending warm neutrals in various hues, such as creams, off-whites and soft browns, adds warmth and cosiness to an open-concept space. Accessorise with statement furniture and decor pieces in darker colours to create focal points.


Image: Dulux

Choose different textures for depth

When picking materials and furnishings, go for different textures and finishes — matte and glossy materials, leather and silk upholstery, wooden and metallic accents, for example. The key is to contrast, so that your space doesn't look "flat"!


Image: Dulux

Enhance with lighting

Lighting is always important, but more so for a pale colour scheme, in order to complement the space and play up its mood. To prevent the light colours from reflecting too much harsh light, keep lighting low and soft, using low-wattage lamps and dimmable ceiling lights. Choose freestanding lamps with shades, to create a soft glow. 


Suggested paint colours for a beautiful, elegant neutral theme: Dulux Antique Linen, Dulux Paper LanternDulux Renoir Bisque, Dulux Arrow Wood, Dulux Sandstone and Dulux Mocha Mauve.