It’s not just about the style! Before purchasing handles, consider the door’s size and function too!

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1. The door’s thickness
Most doors are usually 35mm (for internal doors), and 43mm (for front doors) thick. Be sure to purchase a lockset and handle that will fit.

2. Left or right?
Most levers and knows are reversible or non-handed, meaning they can be used for either left or right-handers. However those with curved levers are not.

3. The back-set dimension
This refers to the distance from the edge of the door to the centre of the hole that is bored for the knob or handle. For new doors, the hole is bored on-site with the chosen handle in mind.

4. Knob or lever?
Knobs can cost about a fifth less than levers. However, because they come with lightweight locks, they are not suitable for doors that give access to your home!