Parquet may be a popular flooring material in Singaporean households, but there has been a growing demand for a particular tropical hardwood, the Burmese teak. Ask Teak, a brand of Burmese teak flooring distributed by local teak specialist Aero Leaf Pte Ltd, was launched this year
 to meet the demands for the golden brown solid wood. We speak to Farouk Merchant, Ask Teak’s business development manager, who shares the unique characteristics and uses of Burmese teak flooring in homes.

Ask Teak's business development manager Farouk Merchant

What are some of the unique selling points of Ask Teak’s teak flooring?

Ask Teak specialises in Burmese teak wood with naturally golden grains that give it a signature dark gold hue that sets it apart from other hardwood varieties. Being an end-to-end manufacturer
 with full control over sourcing and supply, we are able to guarantee authenticity of our teak products that are sourced sustainably from Myanmar. All our products are kiln-dried and ready for installation.

They include solid wood flooring, which is available 
in tongue-and-groove joint formats and parquet formats. Tongue-and-groove joints allow wood pieces to be fitted edge
to edge in a seamless manner. They typically use lengthier wood strips – up to 1,650mm 
– which make them suitable
 for larger floor areas. Parquet formats, on the other hand, are smaller and better suited to compact spaces. For indoor use, we also carry teak wood skirting, and anti-slip decking. Tile decking is for outdoor use.

Is teak wood flooring suitable for all homes?

It is ideal for all homes. We recommend using it in spaces where there is heavy footfall such as the living room and bedrooms so homeowners can maximise the feel and contact with the hardwood. Its natural leathery fragrance and golden glint also add a soothing earthy ambience to any space.

What are some maintenance tips for teak wood flooring?

As solid teak flooring is made from natural timber, it requires some maintenance to ensure
 it retains its natural rustic
 look. To clear simple spills 
and stains, using a damp
 cloth or mop to wipe the surfaces clean will suffice. Treatment and polishing of the floors depend on the wear and tear they are exposed to. We recommend applying a fresh coat of varnish or lacquer every three months. Oil-finished wooden flooring requires a fresh coat of oil from one to four times a year. Proper care of natural products such as teak wood is essential to ensure their longevity and the maintenance of their glossy appearance.

What are some modern non-flooring applications of teak wood in the home that Ask Teak also provides?

In addition to flooring, we also manufacture custom solid and finger-jointed furniture. We’ve had clients apply teak in a range of applications such as wall cladding, ceilings, door frames and patio decking, too.

To find out more about teak flooring from Ask Teak, contact them at 6238 5920 or email teak.