If you want to keep plants in a space that isn’t exposed to sunlight, or if you travel frequently, here are some indoor varieties you can consider:

“Indoor plants may need less sunlight, but most of them are fussy of their watering needs,” advises a horticulturist at Far East Flora. Indoor plants that are more drought-tolerant include cactus species, which you only need to water well once every three to four weeks; Zamioculas, which only need a good watering once every one to two weeks; and Sansevieria (commonly known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue). 

If you think you’ll forget to water, Far East Flora’s Plantplus range is recommended. It has a water indicator (which looks like a thermometer), and the markings will tell you if the plants need to be watered. If the red ball bearing falls to the minimum mark, it’s time to water them. When the water level is at the maximum, the system will keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks.