Designing one’s home in the old days was no easy feat – one had to make do with smudged swatches of paint, scraps of fabric, and a stretch of the imagination to visualise what the final product would look like. These days, though, things are much easier thanks to the widespread availability of VR technology and imaging software. Here, we round up six apps that help to ease the design and renovation process.


LivSpace touts itself as a one-stop managing platform for the entire home renovation process, where you can find designers, suppliers, and contractors all in one convenient space, as well as track the progress and manage all payments via the platform. 

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Lamitak Homes

Lamitak’s interactive in-house app, Lamitak Homes, helps homeowners visualise the effects of different laminates in a virtual home. There’s also the Lamitak mobile app, which lets you view images of the laminate texture, as well as how they look in a fully-furnished space.

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Colour Visualiser by Nippon

This app allows homeowners to snap a picture of a room, before adding virtual paint to see the effect of the colour change. If you like a colour you see in real life, simply take a photo of it with the colour picker function and it’ll identify the closest matching paint shade too. 

Available on both iOS and Android.


For those of us who want a beautiful home without the hassle, CollaborateSG offers plug-and-play designs in collaboration with award-winning designer Architology. All you need to do is select the theme of your choice on their app, and thanks to VR technology, you’ll be able to see your home transformed from bare to fully furnished on your screen.

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Home by Me

Home By Me is a free web application that lets you virtually build your home Sims-style, with a wide array of paint colours, floor tiles, and furnishings to choose from. You can view it in floor plan format, 3D, or even “walk” through your home to view it from different angles.

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Communication with your designer or contractor can be a hassle when it’s done over text or email, since it’s tough to keep track of things. Make things easier for everyone with Evernote, where you can store essentials such as your floor plan, notes, and even lists of what needs to be done. You can also snap a photo of something, say a dining table that you like, and mark it up on the spot. Evernote syncs between mobile, web, and desktop platforms, so you’ll always have all the necessary information at your fingertips.

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