Having a Christmas party but unsure how to decorate? Floral Magic presents a soft and frosty Christmas look for your interiors with these captivating green arrangements.

1. What plants did you use in the two arrangements?

For this garland and wreath, we used four types of eucalyptus leaves and nuts, together with two varieties of air plants – xerographica and tillandsia.

 2. Are they seasonal plants?

The eucalyptus and air plants used are available all year round, but the composition of their branches and pale green colour lends an airy, wintry feel that defines the season.

3. Is there a trend of moving away from using fresh flowers when it comes to contemporary floral arrangements?

Flowers will no doubt always be the mainstay of floral arrangements past and present, but we have been introducing more types of foliage into our arrangements for added texture and subtler colour. We also took it up a notch with these creations by using only foliage.

4. What inspired this concept of using leaves and air plants for this modern Christmas theme?

There are no floral elements at all in these arrangements, and they are also not the traditional evergreens used for Christmas. We wanted a softer green in a more organic look that hints at a frosty season that we wouldn't otherwise experience in Singapore.

5. Is there a way we can adapt the large arrangements you’ve made in the images to smaller table accompaniments as well?

The air plants that we used actually look very beautiful by themselves, so what homeowners can do is to place smaller versions of these plants in a small glass cup around the table to complement the look. You can also place a single sprig of eucalyptus onto each dinner plate as place setting for your guests.

6. What is the maintenance of these pieces like? Do we need to water them as regularly as normal floral centerpieces?

The leaves dry to a crisp with a slightly faded colour, while the air plants can be removed. Placed in a sunlit area and watered sparingly, these air plants can continue to mature. It is best to display the eucalyptus base in a dry, cool area, away from direct sunlight. This way, it can last up to six months in our local climate. Some shedding may occur, as all these are natural materials but the arrangements will retain its form and hold up well throughout the festive period. 


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