Let's get to know Andrea Savage, co-founder of Design Intervention and host of reality design programme Come On In, a little bit better.

What gets you out of the bed in the mornings?
Life gets me out of bed, don’t you just love it, the days are too short and time is always against us I don’t want to miss a minute of it! 

What gets you to sleep at night?
If I say my husband does that sound too soppy?

One song you listen to while at work.
If we didn’t have an open office environment I would put on music that feeds my soul as well as my imagination. The Out of Africa Soundtrack gets me every time!

Your favourite pet.
Tessa – she was our family dog for so many years and a constant companion and growing up a best friend to us all. I swear her eyes could see into your soul.

Attach the very last picture you took with your mobile device.

I took this photo at Mumbai airport. I loved it!

Most inspirational natural element.
The sky – its infinite, mysterious, hauntingly beautiful and has inspired humans for centuries. It has shaped civilizations and when I get to go home to the Western Australian countryside or to Soneva Fushi and observe the sky in all its splendour, it takes my breath away, humbles me and yet excites me with its possibilities.

Your fondest memory as a child…
I don’t have one memory in particular, I have many. I loved my childhood there were some hard lessons there but it has helped shape me. I was and still am blessed to have a loving and supportive family.

One cause you will fight for.
I would fight for and currently do so for both children and animals. Both innocent parties and often helpless.

One style you hate.
I dislike minimalism in its truest sense. I wouldn’t say I never want to see it again but I wouldn’t or couldn’t live in such a sparse space. It’s too devoid of personality.

Describe your personal style.
Design has to be functional for me no matter what, however it has to have colour, be crisp yet layered. There must be areas of beauty and interest, symmetry is personally very important to me. Design has to take your breath away, so you find yourself constantly in awe of what was been made possible and what has been achieved in the space. However, there also needs to be negative space so that there is a balance and contrast.

What would you like to have as your last meal on earth?
My Mum’s Chicken Curry and cheesecake!

Check out her work at www.designintervention.com.