Photo: Frank Wonho

Joining the deluge of restaurants and bars on Melrose Avenue is the Mediterranean-inspired Olivetta, which brings an old-world splendour to Los Angeles’ famous shopping and dining street.

Photos: Luciana Kelsey

Featuring a coastal European menu by executive chef Michael Fiorelli, it straddles the line between fine dining restaurant and late-night bar, and is helmed by restaurateurs Matt and Marissa Hermer. For the project, the duo tapped on design studio Fettle – headed by Tom Parker and Andy Goodwin – which dreamed up a mesmerising space with decadent interiors highlighted by bespoke lighting, custom wallpaper and artworks by renowned artists.

An open layout seamlessly melds its four sophisticated dining areas. “The key for us was to take this feeling of glamour and add to it the punchiness and vigour of modern West Hollywood. The balance between that old-world, relaxed chicness and the more playful, bold locale was really interesting,” says Tom.

Photos: Luciana Kelsey

The front of the 150-seater establishment charming verandah with a terracotta walkway. Flowers and foliage hanging from the ceiling and marble bistro tables overlooking the street allude to a welcoming vibe.

The Living Room. Photo: Tanveer Badal

In the lounge-bar dubbed The Living Room, aqua hues echo the Mediterreanea Sea. This, together with plush leather and velvet seating, mohair walls with great acoustic qualities, and a pill-shaped bar, characterise the space. Artworks by Stephanie Morton, Jack Lewis and Emily Baker add a contemporary juxtaposition to the old world vibe.

The Sunroom. Photo: Tanveer Badal

Leading from the lounge’s crittall windows is the Sunroom, an idyllic courtyard outfitted with a marble fireplace and a striking art piece by artist Larry Bell. Wicker seats, glass pendant lights, ceiling fans and lush greenery balance the chic formality of marble-topped tables with a laid-back mood.

Photo: Tanveer Badal
The Dining Room. Photo: Tanveer Badal

Good To Know

West Hollywood’s Design District is also home to numerous design studios, art galleries, international and independent homeware stores, and the Pacific Design Centre.

Photo: Frank Wonho

The Dining Room is a lesson in maximalism, with a blend of rich colours, sumptuous fabrics, tasselled lampshades and blown glass lights. The ceiling is draped with fabric in a nod to luxury hotels on the French Riviera. You can’t miss the arresting wallpaper adorned with flora and fauna, a key feature custom-designed for this project by London-based artist Adam Ellis.

The Dining Room. Photo: Tanveer Badal
The Barroom. Photo: Frank Wonho

Theatrical and glamorous, the Barroom impresses with a magnificent marble bar, fabric-lined ceiling, blue mohair walls and vibrant art pieces, including mixed media works by Blakeney Sanford and Shana Frase. Enjoy post-dinner drinks in refined style, with a DJ setup and a cabaret stage that come to life with nightly live music and performances as the evening progresses.

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