HDB bathroom, three-room flat, HDB renovation
Design: Spacedge

You won’t be able to move your bathroom from its original location because that means diverting your water supply from the original pipes provided by the Housing Board. Doing so might lead to water leakage, which could affect the unit below.

What you can do to “increase” the bathroom’s size is to bring the washbasin up to 60cm out from the original footprint of the bathroom, says Patrick Lai of Meter Square. You can also take down the connecting wall between two bathrooms if they are adjoining spaces, subject to the HDB’s approval.

If you are renovating a new flat, you can only overlay new tiles over the existing bathroom wall and floor tiles, as waterproofing has already been done. However, three years later, you’ll be able to hack off the old tiles and replace them.

Take note that only ready-made fibreglass tubs are allowed to be installed in HDB flats. You can’t construct a water tank out of concrete as that might lead to loading issues.