Cabinet laminate in Virginia Walnut, Compact top in Luserna Nero. Design: Haan Young.


Choosing the design of your home is akin to the process of dolling up before you leave home: You’ll pick a combination of colours and textures to help you look good. In the same way, when you’re dressing the surfaces of cabinetry, walls and even countertops, you’ll want a wide range of options in terms of finishes, especially since you’re more unlikely to switch the look up as often, so choose wisely! 

This is where shopping for materials come in! EDL is the leading supplier of laminates for carpentry. They recently launched EDL Compact, a new range of durable, double-sided panels suitable for demanding applications like kitchen and bathroom worktops. This collection comes in the same decor offerings as the laminate range so matching your kitchen top with cabinets is now a simple task.

Durability is key as EDL Compact is resistant to impact, moisture, heat, stain, scratch and wear. With a total of 15 designs comprising timber and stone looks, the material will fit all interior styles from contemporary to classical.

Laminate and Compact top in FENIX NTM Nero Ingo. Design: Eightytwo.


EDL Compact also comes in the FENIX NTM finish, a nanotech material that is extremely matte, antifingerprint and can even “heal” micro-scratches with heat, making it perfect for that sleek and matte look on kitchen countertops and even furniture tops.

EDL’s award winning laminate gallery offers a myriad of possibilities. Visit it to explore their laminate collection ranging from solid colours to wood-and marble-inspired options. You can also experience the applications of EDL Compact. Mix and match to see what works best to achieve the style and aesthetics you desire. There’s so much you can achieve with these offerings, so dress up your home and create that perfect feature that’ll draw the eye.



EDL Compact is available in 6mm- and 10mm-thicknesses, with the latter exclusive to the brand. Based on Italian standards, the 10mm- thick Compact is recommended for kitchen countertops for enhanced durability and performance, while the 6mm- thick Compact can be used for backing and wall claddings.


Visit EDL gallery at 43 Sungei Kadut Street 1, tel: 6369-0990, or go to to see its full collection. Contact for more details.


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