Wardrobes of today are supposed to be an organised, pleasing design feature of our bedrooms. The following are the types you can consider for your home, whether you live in a HDB flat, apartment or landed house.


Freestanding: a pre-fabricated unit

The Plisse wardrobe by Novamobili, from W Atelier, is so stylish it instantly luxes up even the plainest of rooms.


– Can be moved around, making it especially suitable for people who are renting, as you can take it with you instead of leaving it behind

– Lots of stylish, even modular, designs to choose from in the market, which means a hassle-free process as you don’t need to engage someone to design it from scratch and construct it for you

– Cash and carry


– It comes in fixed sizes, which means that you might not be able to maximise a given space

– You won’t have a unique look and will have design restrictions


Built-in: custom-designed and fitted into your space

Legno series of wardrobes from Raumplus, available at The Ewins Home, allows you to utilise corners with an L-shape design.


– Space is utilised efficiently, as it is made by measuring the available area and constructing the wardrobe directly into the room

– Can be installed even in the smallest spaces, as size is made to measure

– Design flexibility to suit individual storage needs — apart from the wardrobe exterior, you can tailor your wardrobe interior with different combinations of shelves, racks, rails and fittings

– Can even integrate other components, such as a desk, dressing table or seat


– Expensive, as it’s tailor made and you need a professional to construct it

– Once installed it becomes a permanent fixture


Walk-in: a room or sectioned off space where everything is stored or displayed openly

Create a luxurious dressing sanctuary with Poliform wardrobe solutions, from Space.


– Keeps clutter out of sight from the bedroom and yet have a large space with lots of shelves to store clothes, bags and accessories

– With it you can have the trendy “boutique-style” feel — like stepping into a store where everything is visible

– Increases the value of your home, as this is a highly-desired feature

– No need for individual doors or panels within the walk-in wardrobe


– You need to have the luxury of space, just for a devoted room for your clothes

– Requires planning and possibly structural alterations, and therefore best done only during renovation

– Expensive, as it’s tailor made and you need a professional to construct it