Turn it into a feature: Black colour electrical tracks are used against plain walls for a trendy industrial look.

When it comes to electrical wiring in HDB flats, it is a HDB regulation that wiring shouldn't be concealed within the reinforced concrete slabs, beams, columns, and walls. But if you're rewiring your electrical points during your renovation, and simply can't stand the look of exposed electrical trunking, here's how you can get around that.


1) Turn it into a feature and make it stand out

”Branches” extending from the electrical trunking turn an eyesore into pleasing aesthetics.


2) Hide it with false walls and ceilings

Using plasterboard to hide cable trunking will result in a neater finish and reduce visual clutter, but you will end up with a slightly smaller space and lower ceiling.

Note that with this option, repositioning your lights or rewiring in the future would also mean having to rip open the false wall or ceiling, and then reinstating it. Therefore, this is a much more costly option!