Kitchen trends are always changing as our homes and lifestyles are ever-evolving. However, one thing that will always be constant is the need for an efficient, comfortable kitchen. No one wants to have to bend forward too much, tiptoe to reach things or even squeeze through passageways. You’ve read about basic space planning, so now read on for a breakdown of the key measurements and spatial requirements you need to know.


Design: Design Centro

Minimum and ideal passage width: 1 metre for one cook and 1.2 metres for two cooks



Design: I-Bridge Design

Countertop height: 85 to 90 centimetres

Counter depth: 60 centimetres

Washing up area width: 60 centimetres on one side of the sink and 45 centimetres on the other side

Food preparation surface width: At least 75 centimetres

Cooking area surface width: At least 30 centimetres on one side of the hob and 40 centimetres on the other side



Design: Design Intervention

Top hung cabinet height: At least 55 centimetres above your countertop

Top hung cabinet depth: 30 centimetres



Design: Collective Designs

Built-in microwave height: Between 1.2 to 1.3 metres (measured to the bottom of the microwave)