Photos: Gigi Hadid’s Instagram

A couple of days ago, model Gigi Hadid took to Instagram to showcase the redecorated interiors of her luxury apartment in New York City. Describing it as her passion project and dream spot, the 25-year-old spent a year designing the place together with the help of a few friends.

It’s an explosion of eclectic touches, from a Missoni couch in various colours and patterns to vintage art, abstract prints and boho accents.

We’re certainly all for giving your home plenty of personality, but we also did find certain aspects of her decor rather… unconventional, like cabinet panels filled with dyed pasta. And of course, the Internet had something to say.

This writer, however, finds the dyed pasta spirals rather quaint.

Alternatively, have them stored in jars for a kitchen shelfie? Another unusual element of her kitchen island is a bowl of billiard balls that doubles as a centrepiece.

Not too sure about that bowl of billiard balls, TBH. Photo: Gigi Hadid’s Instagram

Her bathroom features quirky details too, with a wall plastered in The New Yorker magazine covers. Points for creativity, but we’d have them framed up instead of tacked to the wall, or have one (framed, of course) giant poster-sized print for a statement piece.

Photo: Gigi Hadid’s Instagram

Elsewhere, there is a giant yellow pen, next to a proclamation by Eamon Harrington hanging on the wall.

Photo: Gigi Hadid’s Instagram

Her bedroom gets a simpler treatment, with crisp white sheets, a natural wood headboard and side tables, decorative wall accents and Forest Ceramic lamps. (Source: Vogue)

Photo: Gigi Hadid’s Instagram
The New Yorker covers aside, the bathroom oozes sophistication with marble finishings, black frames and glass panels. Photo: Gigi Hadid’s Instagram

But we do have to give her props for individuality.

And as one Twitter user says, “The giant out of place yellow pen doesn’t make any sense. But do I want a giant out of place yellow pen in my own apartment? Yes.”

What say you?