810A Chua Chu Kang Ave 7 #17-501 10


Stress is a major part of life today, with many things vying for attention.

Many, like the owners of this five-room resale flat, long for a home that embodies calm and balance.

“The owners had a desire for a clutter-free and balanced lifestyle,” says designer Lynnie Cheong from Brickwood Studio. “They expressed a liking for the Japandi style, which combines Japanese and Scandinavian design elements.”

Home A five-room HDB flat in Choa Chu Kang
Size 1,300 sq ft
Interior Designer Brickwood Studio

The family found their home base in this resale unit in Choa Chu Kang. They engaged Lynnie from Brickwood Studio to reimagine the unit that was still relatively in good shape at five years of age. After assessing that the floor tiles in the living area and bedrooms were still in excellent condition, she advised the client to retain them and overlaid vinyl flooring to refresh the space.

Hacked HDB walls

For free-flowing home

The interior design intent was to embrace simplicity and keep ornamentation minimal by taking a less-is-more approach. The design team’s plan was also to reconfigure the layout. Hacking away multiple walls opened up the space, producing a blank canvas where they could introduce more flexibility while improving functionality.

“We could create an intuitive and personalised flow for our clients when they step into their home and navigate through the spaces,” Lynnie says.

As a result, the family enjoys a more free-flowing and spacious home that meets their needs.

810A Chua Chu Kang Ave 7 #17-501 10

Dining Room

“We opted for a vastly open concept in the living and kitchen areas,” says Lynnie. The plan was for a light and airy ambience, and an open kitchen would serve that goal.

By doing so, they were also to locate the dining table close to the kitchen so that the dining area and kitchen blend within one space. Storage units clad in the same woodgrain laminates surround the dining table in the middle.

Hacking away multiple walls opened up the space

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810A Chua Chu Kang Ave 7 #17-501 07

All Wood Kitchen

Although the kitchen was in relatively good condition, one of the things they did was replace the finishes in the kitchen with neutral flooring and backsplash to accompany the kitchen cabinets in woodgrain laminates.

All-wood kitchen cabinets run the risk of looking heavy. The design team installed a fluted glass door to the service yard to bring natural light into the kitchen.

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PHOTO-2023-05-02-14-55-27 3

The kitchen before carpentry was installed

Spacious bedroom and study room

With the wall between the master bedroom and adjacent bedroom removed, the couple now has a more extensive wardrobe area. They can also turn it into a work and study area. The bedroom is a scene of cosiness with simple lines and warm finishes.

“One challenge we faced was planning the air- conditioner’s trunking route. As some walls were removed, there was no other route to run the trunking without it being unsightly,” Lynnie recalls.

They overcame this issue with a route that would allow them to conceal the trunking and access parts of it in case maintenance is needed.

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810A Chua Chu Kang Ave 7 #17-501 23

Master Bathroom Design

While the master bathroom also sports woodgrain laminates for the vanity area, the walls are fitted with concrete-looking wall tiles. The emphasis on curved lines continues here with the choice of mirror, which draws the eye.

The original toilet before renovation.

810A Chua Chu Kang Ave 7 #17-501 04

Curved Cabinets

While the unit has a corner in the living room that could be turned into a study, the design team proposed to utilise the largest wall in the home as the television area.

To one side, they incorporated a custom full-height storage unit. Building it with a curved edge brings softness into the space, while wooden blinds stay consistent with the clean and streamlined feel.

Before the storage and TV console units were built in

810A Chua Chu Kang Ave 7 #17-501 01

Arch Wall design

Beams can make or break the design of a home. In this case, the design team opted to cover the beams in the hallway by converting them into arches.

These arches frame the living area on one side and the master bedroom on the other. With the colourful walls painted over with lime wash paint, new wood finishes, and vinyl flooring, the home has a cabin-in-the-woods, albeit sleek, feel.

Before – While the arches were being constructed during renovation.

2-Month Renovation

On the consistent concept throughout the home, Lynnie says, “Japanese Zen principles influenced the whole idea. Japandi promotes a sense of tranquillity and mindfulness. The spaces were designed to evoke calm and serenity, allowing for relaxation and contemplation.”

The family moved into their home in November 2022 after a renovation period of two months that saw a complete transformation of their home.

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