Large spaces may risk looking bare and boring without the right colour scheme. With the help of interior designers SoHo Design Partnership, this bungalow at Sentosa Cove maintains its spaciousness and still manages to be an inviting space by using a neutral palette.

In its living space, the shades of brown – from the window panes, to the one-seater couch, and coffee tables – helps to blend the indoors with the outdoors.

Alongside brown hues, the designers used white tones to brighten up the space. Elements of nature like wood and stone also enhances the home’s green environment. In the basement, a rock sclupture guards the end of the stairwell.

The open-plan attic of the house, used as a play area and TV room for the kids, brings in a lot of natural light, which complements the off-white couches and wooden floors. 

One of the bedrooms open straight to the garden. It includes a sitting nook and a study area too. A dash of red and orange from the patterned carpets adds some warmth to the neutral pallete.

And.. each bedroom has a walk-in closet. The best dressed goes to the lady of the house, which features rows of shoes on the wooden shelves.