Interior designers who design their own homes tend to get a bit greedy, jokes Sarah Tham. The design director of Cube Associate Design is referring to herself, too, as she could not resist the temptation of including all her ideas for her Leonie Hill apartment. 

“It took me a year to complete this!” the designer says, referring to the painting which she uses as a sliding door to hide the TV set.

Sarah went for a chic, monochromatic theme – from the photographs to the rug – in the holding room. 

As an art lover, Sarah leaves most of her walls to paintings. She encourages clients to personalise their space this way, too. 

A spacious bathroom with a walk-in wardrobe was a must, and special attention was given to ventilating the space well. To the right is the master bedroom, which features blue-grey hues. 

Home renovation costs $300,000 (including electricals, plumbing works, flooring, but excluding furnishings).