This homeowner has an eye for detail, which she used when renovating her family home. She created a style that has both Japanese and Scandinavian influences, with a rather monochromatic palette.

semi detached, japanese, scandinavian, simple, spacious, monochromatic
Their semi-detached home is over 30 years old and has a long space. The homeowners decided to make use of that to create certain sections that were open, yet private.


spacious, interior design, monochromatic, grafunkt
Most furnishings from this home were bought from furniture shop Grafunkt, as the homeowner liked the quirkiness and style of their pieces.


spacious, resort like, monochromatic, bathroom, japanese, scandinvian
The master bedroom’s balcony was also converted into a resort-style outdoor bathroom, which a bathtub that allows for soaking under the sky.


spacious, monochromatic, japanese, scandinavian, simple
The homeowners took out some parts of their large master bedroom to create a foyer-like area outside the bedroom. The hallway corridor leading to the children’s rooms were also expanded, giving them space to play.


spacious, minimalist, acapulco, neon coffee tables
Acapulco lounge chairs and Neon coffee tables added colour to the monochromatic home.