Home & Decor takes a look into Karl Lagerfeld's home


The kaiser of fashion Karl Lagerfeld left behind an enormous legacy not just of his works, but also his collection of books. Karl Lagerfeld was a voracious reader, which may explain for his neverending flow of creativity through his career spanning close to 70 years.


Karl Lagerfeld's home is covered in books from his extensive collection

Recognised as the creative force behind his eponymous brand as well as for the houses of Fendi and Chanel, Karl’s formula for staying fresh in a rapidly changing industry seems to be refuelling his imagination through reading books of all genres.

Karl Lagerfeld's home interiors are designed with hints of minimalism and industrialism.

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Unlike the way books are assembled in most libraries, with their spines proped upright, the king of couture opted to place his books laid horizontally, so it would be easier to read the titles on the spines. This way, Karl doesn’t have to turn his head when trying to find the book he’s looking for.

Neutral colours and white play throughout Karl lagerfeld's home.

Karl’s living room is stacked with columns upon columns of books, so much that it would require either a ladder or narrow walkway just to gain access to his books at the top. However, when seen at a distince, the dazzling array of multi-coloured book covers towering over the heads of everyone in the room, become an impressive sight, especially so when juxtaposed against the otherwise minimalist-looking interior design.

Getting to the book he wants may be a problem for Karl Lagerfeld if he was alone in the room.

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This arrangement does pose a problem for Karl if he wants to get a book sandwiched somewhere in the middle of a pile. It would probably have taken several hands to keep the stack standing while the fashion legend reaches in to pull the book out with the dexterity of his cat Choupette. But knowing the man behind those dark shades and starched collars, who admitted to making himself lose 200 pounds just to fit into suits designed by Hedi Slimane, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The walls of books make for an imposing sight. Karl Lagerfeld at home.

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Images courtesy of Piotr Stoklosa.