Three-D Conceptwerke is a multi-disciplinary studio, which prides itself in creating liveable spaces that are focused on the psychological and emotional outcomes of occupants. They strive to push the boundaries of design and spare no effort in examining the myriad facets that it entails.

They do not believe in a fixed formula as their approach and solution evolve according to the needs of each project and client, and also in response to a changing world. Every project is undertaken with utmost sincerity, sharing their expertise with clients and working towards achieving a result to the homeowner’s satisfaction and one that the firm can be proud of.

Several of the studio’s projects have made it onto the covers of our magazine, with each one of them offering a well thought out design concept and detailed execution. Both Terence and Dess are known to think out of the box when necessary to propose creative ideas to meet the client’s vision. Homeowners from previous projects have remarked on the team’s efforts to understand their lifestyle, likes and dislikes in order to truly understand what they are looking for. This knack for reading between the lines help to create homes that fit in seamlessly with its owners

Year of establishment: 2006
Address: 5 Jalan Klapa
Singapore 199317
Tel: 6293-8001
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Project 1: Five-room HDB flat at Geylang Bahru (1,300 sq ft)

A love for the industrial lofts of New York City motivated this couple in their 30s to incorporate elements of that into their first home, an almost 50-year-old flat located within a quiet, matured estate.

One of the highlights in the apartment is the dining area that has been converted from one of three bedrooms. The elevated platform helps to define the space, while also concealing services. Unique shelves constructed using unplastered hollow blocks and glass panels provide an interesting feature within the space. The open construction allows air to circulate and light to pass through, while the adjustable glass shelving achieves a floating effect and maintains a porosity that makes the space feel more expansive.

The palette of materials not only reinforces the New York City loft theme, but also takes into account the client’s preference for materials that will gather patina and age with time. The foyer walls were left unplastered, the living room has an exposed red brick, recessed feature wall, and the existing Rockstone ceiling was retained. These deliberate imperfections add to the character of the flat.

Project 2: HDB Maisonette in Sin Ming (1,818 sq ft)

The homeowner, a professor in his 50s, had a very clear brief. He wanted a peaceful atmosphere, be able to host friends from overseas, have ample room for his collection of furniture, art and mementos, as well as designed for accessibility in the future. Although challenging, the design team managed to come up with design solutions that would address these requirements.

The two levels of the apartment each have an East and West influence that take their cues from the professor’s eclectic collection. The first storey was inspired by his travels to spiritual retreats around the world and conveys a sense of peace, joy and love. The second storey sports a warmer and more intimate ambience with chinoiserie elements and it houses most of his furniture collection.

The design of the first storey takes into consideration accessibility requirements and the floor is levelled. With the master bedroom relocated to the first storey, the homeowner has everything he needs to live comfortably on this level.

The home is a treasure trove of antique furniture, art by renowned artists and other items that remind the owner fondly of places where he has lived and worked. More than mere ornaments, every piece has a purpose or can be used and the design of the home brings it all together