How much should you set aside for renovation? It really varies based on how much work you want to do. Here’s a quick summary of renovations we love that cost from $36,000 to over $100,000.

Disclaimer: This isn't a HDB flat. But we promise the rest are! We picked this one-bedroom condominium because much of the renovation ideas used by the designer can be used in a three or four bedroom flat too.

The platform for the daybed was constructed from recycled pallets and a headboard of industrial-style wood grain laminates was placed along the side of the bed to be used as a shelf as well.

The kitchen's feature wall is a magnetic sheet that's been spray-painted to serve as a chalkboard. 

The owner spiced up the space with a white-brick feature wall, making it unique with large, white frames. The grooved panels at the back of the dining room conceal the home's bomb shelter.

This home is a four-room HDB flat in Punggol, inspired by chic Korean cafes, the homeowners brief to the designer was for a spacious, cheerful home.

A window had been cut into the side of the study to bring more light to the living room, creating a spacious atmosphere.

A feature wall of white craftstone stretches from the entrance to the living room, giving the white-themed home more dimensions with its textured surface. Colour was brought into the home by the pastel-coloured bicycle hanging on a concrete-panelled feature wall in the dining room.

The owners also created a mini walk-in wardrobe by using their wardrobe as a divider between the bed and the dressing area. They made the small space larger by installing a large mirror.

A four-room DBSS flat in Toa Payoh, the homeowners worked closely with their designer to create a New York-styled loft. Being on the highest floor gave them a high ceiling but the home required plenty of layout changes for the loft idea to work.

The walls of the study had been replaced by black-framed glass and a feature wall placed at the entrance of the home.

The homeowner had sketched out the internal layout of her custom walk-in wardrobe so that each shelf, drawer and compartment would be designed to her exact specifications.

Rather than the conventional hidden wiring, the designer decided to turn them into a design feature by encasing them in black pipes that snake their way through the home.

This four-room HDB corner unit in Tampines was given an extreme makeover when the homeowners decided to buy part of the corridor in front of their home. The designer gave the home a resort-feel, making use of plenty of wood and accented it with black metal frames.

The homeowners requested for marble-look tiles throughout the home, so the designer softened the look with light-wood furniture, giving spaces like the dining area a cafe-feel.

The corridor space that the couple had bought from HDB was converted into a large entryway for the home, great for extending the dining area when guests came over. It was kept bright and made part of the home through a black-framed window that looks into the dining area.

Major renovation had been done to the home, especially in the kitchen. What was once a dark space is now an airy, streamlined space. The hob, pantry and wine chiller can be hidden behind a sliding door turning the space into a dry kitchen in an instant.

This four-room HDB flat needed a massive face-lift because of it's unique shape. Tucked into the corner of the block of flats, it's shaped like a triangular corner. To work around the shape, the designer had turned his mother's once dark and dreary corner flat into a spacious, one-of-a-kind home. 

Major reconfiguration had been done, part of a bedroom had been added to the once small living room. The wall between the kitchen and the living room had been removed and the master bedroom and study had been combined to form one large space.

A spare bedroom had been converted into a walk-in wardrobe.

A large L-shaped counter runs on the side of the kitchen, incorporating the gas hob and hood for cooking. It also doubles as a dining table.