When it comes to the refurbishment of an existing bathroom or designing of a new one, there are many things to consider, including the types of bath products to buy.

What should you look out for when buying bath accessories like showerheads? Will they fit into the stylish design of your bathroom? We answer some of these questions:

What should I do before shopping for bath products?

Check the condition of your bathroom so you buy models that fit well, and prevent any unnecessary purchase of unsuitable products.

Check the water pressure – If your bathroom has low water pressure, it is not recommended to install shower products with large shower faces as these will not perform at their best with a weak water pressure. Instead, consider showerheads with smaller nozzles.

Check out water-saving options – The Crometta range of showers is also designed with water-saving features. With the government announcing the rise in water prices, there’s more reason to choose water-saving bath products that will help you save cost in the long run. Designed with Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology, less water is used as compared with conventional products, as it limits the water flow to 9 litres per minute.

How do I imbue a sense of luxury into a small bathroom?

For smaller bathrooms, you might not have the luxury of space to include a large bathtub. Choose space-saving bathroom products, which do not compromise on the showering experience in terms of design or technology.

Some stylish options include hansgrohe ShowerSelect Glass and ShowerTablet Select 300 and 700, which are designed as beautiful and minimalist bathroom solutions.

(Photo: ShowerTablet Select 700)

In fact, with hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 700, you won’t even need to install an additional shower shelf as the design offers plenty of space for bottles and accessories, with its 70cm-wide shelf. The white glass surface and sleek, easy-to- use thermostat adds to the overall elegant and refined look.

What if you have an industrial-style home, and still wish to have a luxe look in the bathroom?

The AXOR brand under the Hansgrohe Group carries an industrial-inspired range in its AXOR Montreux collection, which offers style, function and the latest technology.

(Photo: AXOR Montreux)

Industrial design elements, such as pipes and valves, were not only combined with classical details, like cross handles, but also with contemporary lever handles, to give it a sophisticated touch.

What should I look out for if there are young children or the elderly at home?

It is important that every part of the home is safe, especially if there are young children or elderly folks at home. Unfortunately, falls happen most commonly in the bathroom. Choose bath products wisely and you can prevent such accidents from occurring.

(Photo: Unica Comfort shower bars)

Hansgrohe offers the new Unica Comfort shower bars which double as sturdy grab handles, certified for stability by leading German organisation TUV Sud.

Also, its self-locking metal slide ensures hand showers are easily positioned at the desired height. The shower holder can then be tilted, offering adjustments of up to 90 degrees. Its 1.1m shower bar also features an additional hand shower holder at the lower end of the bar, which caters to children and wheelchair users who might require the shower to be at a lower height. The shower tray can be attached to the wall brackets to provide space for toiletries.

How can I be sure of the quality of products?

Buying online can save you some time as compared to going down to a showroom, but check that websites are trusted and that products sold are authentic. A safer alternative would be to purchase directly from websites of manufacturers or authorised dealers.

Remember to check for the warranty of your products. Hansgrohe offers a voluntary five-year international warranty for its AXOR and hansgrohe range when you purchase from Hansgrohe Singapore and its authorised dealers, upon the presentation of the proof of purchases, in the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect.

With all these tips in mind, it’s time to start shopping!

Hansgrohe Singapore is running a promotion for its Crometta 100 Multi Handshower as part of the Great Singapore Sale:

With a showerhead size of 100mm, the hansgrohe Crometta 100 Multi handshower offers three spray modes:

1) Rain — perfect for rinsing shampoo out of your hair

2) TurboRain — a stronger intensity as compared to Rain mode

3) Massage Spray — a strong massage spray that can help soothe aching muscles

Usually retailing at $84.32 (including GST), it is now available for just $49 (40% savings)!

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