Cushions come in all shapes and sizes, but we love these ones as they remind us of our favourite food!

1. Kueh Tutu cushion, $29.90, from Hipvan.

Kueh tutu, local, snack, sweet, dessert


2. Fa Fa cushion cover, $28, from When I was Four


3. Croissant cushion, $45.90, from Gracesmiths

croissant, pastry, cushion


4. Fancy Gem cushion, $29.90, from Hipvan

biscuits, fancy gem, cookie


5. Happiness Candy cushion, $49, from The Joy Troopers

White Rabbit Candy, sweet, milk sweet


6. Super Huat cushion cover, $28, from When I was Four.

cheese rings, snack, corn snack

7. Ang Ku Kueh cushion, $29.90, from Naiise

ang ku kueh, snack, asian dessert

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