Photo: Amazon

From Ikea to homegrown furniture store Castlery, furniture stores have been rolling out apps with augmented reality (AR) functions. And now you can add Amazon to the mix.

It’s not the first foray into the world of AR for the e-retailer though, which debuted its AR shopping feature, “AR View,” back in 2017. It allowed people to see virtual images of furniture in their homes with their mobile cameras, but only one object at a time.

Now, it has doubled down on the tech with “Room Decorator”, which works with thousands of furniture items, including offerings from independent merchants. You’ll get to add various furniture pieces to a room, arrange them to suit your preference, and see them at scale (and in high definition!) for an immersive online shopping experience.

The app can also be stored with pictures of your home for remote use and editing, and you’ll be able to save room layouts if you’re not quite ready to hit “Checkout”.

For now, the Room Decorator is available on iOS and desktop browsers, and available to about 50% US shoppers with the Amazon app, but will be rolled out to all US shoppers in the next few weeks, and on Android in the next few months.