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When it comes to designing and planning your kitchen setup, apart from installing the kitchen hood and hob, the other most important kitchen appliance that you should properly consider is planning and choosing the right built-in oven for your family.

Multi-functional built-in oven

Thanks to the improved technology made to built-in ovens, most built-in ovens are designed with multiple functions that can do more than just the conventional baking and grilling, some of them even include an added air frying function.

With a proper multi-functional built-in oven in place, it is able to free up your countertop space that will otherwise be filled with smaller kitchen appliances like a standalone air fryer or steamer.

Easy cleaning and maintenance of the oven

If you cook and bake regularly, you would also want to choose a built-in oven that comes with easy cleaning and maintenance, so as to prevent any build-up of food grease and residue. Some ovens may come with pyrolytic, catalytic, or steam cleaning features to help with the cleaning process, while others have removable racks and doors to ensure that no leftover food bits get trapped in a hard-to-reach corner.

10 Best Built-in Oven

With no cookie left unturned, here are the 10 best built-in ovens in Singapore from reliable and trusted brands that will be a useful guide in your oven purchase journey.

Built-in OvenPriceBest for
Fujioh 25L Built-in Microwave Oven With Grill$608Small built-in oven
Whirlpool 71L Multi-function Smart Clean Oven$706Steam clean built-in oven
Mayer 75L Built-in Catalytic Oven$799Built-in oven for baking
Rinnai 77L 13 Function Built-In Oven$1,290Large built-in oven
Electrolux 72L 60cm UltimateTaste 500 Built-in Oven$1,309Built-in oven for bread
Kuche 67L Smart Electric Oven$1,463Smart built-in oven
Ariston 71L Multi-function Pyrolytic Oven$1,799Self-cleaning built-in oven
Tecno 75L 11 Multi-function Oven with WiFi TBO$1,898Multifunction built-in oven
Smeg 68L Galileo Traditional Pyro Multifunction 60cm Oven$2,180Traditional style built-in oven
Bosch 71L Series 4 Built-in Oven$2,799Built-in oven with auto-pilot cooking
built in oven by Fujioh

Fujioh 25L Built-in Microwave Oven With Grill FV-MW51, $608

Best small built-in oven

If you have a small family with a tiny kitchen, this 25-litre built-in oven from Fujioh will be a sufficient size for you, where you can microwave, defrost frozen food, and also the much-appreciated grill function to further expand its cooking capability. 

The sleek and flushed design will fit in perfectly seamlessly into your kitchen, with the touchscreen panel and a touch button to open up the electric door effortlessly.

Fujioh 25L Built-in Microwave Oven With Grill FV-MW51 is retailing for $608 from Asia Excel.

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built in oven by Whirlpool

Whirlpool 71L Multi-function Smart Clean Oven AKP3534HIXAUS, $706

Best steam clean built-in oven

Forget to preheat the oven? Not a problem at all. This multifunction oven by Whirlpool is designed with forced air technology that does not require preheating, as the fan distributes hot air within the oven for fast and fuss-free cooking. 

Do not worry about the cleaning, as the Whirlpool oven also comes with a smart clean feature where any leftover food residue and spills can easily be cleaned with the steam released during the low-temperature cleaning cycle.

Whirlpool 71L Multi-function Smart Clean Oven AKP3534HIXAUS is available for $706 from Whirlpool.

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built in oven by Mayer

Mayer 75L Built-in Catalytic Oven MMDO13C, $799

Best built-in oven for baking

Love whipping up tasty cookies and pastries? Equipped with 13 functions including conventional, convection, and fermentation, the spacious 75-litre built-in oven by Mayer will be able to hold larger quantities of your baked food to save time and effort.

There is everything to love about the catalytic panels in the oven, which absorb and burn off any nasty cooking grease to provide an easier after-cleaning process, where you can simply wipe off any excess grease with a damp cloth.

Mayer 75L Built-in Catalytic Oven MMDO13C is retailing for $799 from Mayer.

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built in oven by Rinnai

Rinnai 77L 13 Function Built-In Oven RO-E6523M-EB, $1,290

Best large built-in oven

If you have a large family and love to host, then you should get this super-sized built-in oven by Rinnai, which features a 77-litre capacity with 13 useful functions including the unique air fry and gratin function. You can be assured of even cooking as the oven has top and bottom heating, along with a large grill with a fan for 3D circular heating.

The after-cooking cleaning care is convenient, thanks to the steaming effect, along with the removable front door. No more food stains and bits getting stuck at awkward corners.

Rinnai 77L 13 Function Built-In Oven RO-E6523M-EB is retailing for $1,290 from Rinnai.

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built-in oven by Electrolux

Electrolux 72L 60cm UltimateTaste 500 Built-in Oven KODGH70TXA, $1,309

Best built-in oven for bread

On top of the regular oven functions, built-in ovens today such as the Electrolux UltimateTaste 500 are designed with a steam bake feature that unlocks greater cooking possibilities such as recreating bakery-style bread from home.

Furthermore, the steam feature is also perfect for an easier clean-up, simply by adding water to the bottom where the steam helps to dissolve any grease and food stains on the surfaces of the oven.

Electrolux 72L 60cm UltimateTaste 500 Built-in Oven KODGH70TXA is available for $1,309 from Electrolux.

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built in oven by Kuche

Kuche 67L Smart Electric Oven KEO670GW, $1,463

Best smart built-in oven

What is a smart home without a smart built-in oven? Designed with 2 options of stainless steel or black tempered glass front, the Kuche electric oven is sleek and designed with a touchscreen panel and eliminates any physical buttons for hassle-free cleaning.

Sleek designs aside, the smart electric oven can easily be incorporated into your smart home setup, which allows you to control your oven remotely on your phone or even via Google voice assistant. Now you can schedule your cooking in advanced and come home to perfectly warm cooked meals.

Kuche 67L Smart Electric Oven KEO670GW is available for $1,463 from City Energy.

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built in oven by Ariston

Ariston 71L Multi-function Pyrolytic Oven, $1,799

Best self-cleaning built-in oven

Different from a catalytic oven, a pyrolytic self-cleaning feature works by heating up to over 400 degrees celsius to burn off any food residue, turning them into ashes that can be swept away in seconds. 

The multifunction pyrolytic oven by Ariston also features a multi-flow heat technology and electronic temperature control that ensures even heat distribution and consistent cooking results. 

Ariston 71L Multi-function Pyrolytic Oven is retailing for $1,799 from Ariston.

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built in oven by Tecno

Tecno 75L 11 Multi-function Oven with WiFi TBO 7511WF BK, $1,898

Best multifunction built-in oven

With over 11 functions, an upsized 75-litre capacity, and WiFi capability, this built-in oven by Tecno is a perfect oven setup for working parents to perform multiple tasks at once, since you are able to set and control the functions remotely.

Fear not if you have children at home, since the Tecno oven is designed with triple-glazed cool touch glass, as well as a child lock. You can even remove the glass and side racks to ease the cleaning process. 

Tecno 75L 11 Multi-function Oven with WiFi TBO 7511WF BK is available for $1,898 from Tecno.

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built in oven by Smeg

Smeg 68L Galileo Traditional Pyro Multifunction 60cm Oven SOP6900TP, $2,180

Best traditional style built-in oven

If you are going for a Victorian kitchen style, the Smeg Galileo Traditional multifunctional oven is the perfect choice of oven for you. With the newly designed cavity and improved airflow system, the Smeg oven is great for multi-level cooking, where you also do not have to worry about flavour transfer.

There is no more reason for dirty ovens, thanks to the easy clean enamel finish interior that reduces dirt from sticking to the surface and pyrolytic self-cleaning function that eases the cleaning process and eliminates the use of any special cleaning product or tools.

Smeg 68L Galileo Traditional Pyro Multifunction 60cm Oven SOP6900TP is retailing for $2,180 from Smeg.

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built in oven by Bosch

Bosch 71L Series 4 Built-in Oven HBS573BS0B, $2,799

Best built-in oven with auto-pilot cooking

Designed with pop-out controls and pyrolytic self-cleaning feature, the Bosch Series 4 built-in oven is great for time-starved working professionals to ease the regular cleaning process.

Additionally, if you are clueless about cooking, let the oven do its magic for you with the Auto Pilot 10 feature that will simplify the cooking process by setting the cooking mode, temperature, and cooking duration all for you. All you need to do is add the weight of the dish and wait for the perfect meal to be ready, with the auto switch off when the cooking duration is up.

Bosch 71L Series 4 Built-in Oven HBS573BS0B is available for $2,180 from Bosch.

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